About Uppercut

The pursuit of excellence is a journey that even the best of us struggle to complete alone. We can all benefit from having someone in our corner. Uppercut works with you to visualise and unlock your full potential. We understand your desire to be listed amongst the best in your field.


Who we work with

We have worked with and guided influential CEOs, leadership teams, top athletes, leading sports coaches, sports organisations and elite achievers in their respective industries.

Gary Keegan has brought charisma, magnetism and a hard edge to each sport he has worked in.

“Gary has the ability to inspire his team to achieve more than they thought possible."

“I have yet to see anybody else bring together the best practices of business and high performance sport in the way Gary achieves it.”

"...he has led a mindset shift enabling us to create a purposeful pathway, in our continued pursuit of high performance." 

“His skills as a motivator, mentor and orator are wholly unique”

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