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Our advice? Don't give up. The effort will be worth the reward when you find someone that you really connect with. We can't promise you that Uppercut will be right for you and what you are trying to achieve but we can promise an open and frank appraisal of your challenge and how well equipped we are to help you achieve your goals. Below you may find some of the answers that you are looking for, but don't stop here. Get in touch and let's discuss how Uppercut can help you or your organisation achieve more.

Finding the right match for your needs may feel like you're looking for a needle in a haystack. With a blindfold on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of projects, companies and industries do you typically support?


Performance is our business. We have delivered higher levels of achievement and success both domestically and internationally across a range of Industries such as financial, tech, pharmaceutical, aviation, food and beverage and of course professional and amateur sports. Some of our recent work has concentrated on:


  • Senior team alignment and effectiveness;

  • Designing and following the steps to become a top performing senior team;

  • Leading companywide transformation;

  • Crisis interventions relating to significant underperformance issues;

  • Building sustainable and adaptive high performance cultures


All of our projects bring their own level of challenge which requires new thinking, flexibility and building a bespoke solution that fits with your organisation. Our efforts and support are felt, our focus is on you and throughout any programme or engagement you know that we are in your corner every step of the way.


2. Over what timeframe do you typically work with a client or an organisation?


This is largely determined by where the team is at, the context they are operating in and the objectives that the CEO has outlined for the team. Generally speaking, leadership team programmes range from 6 months to 18 months.


For our coaching work we typically work with clients over a number of intermittent sessions. Again, this will be determined by where the leader is at, the complexity of their leadership challenge and what they are aiming to achieve.




3. What size of group do you typically work with?


Our leadership team coaching and facilitation work generally sees us work with senior executive teams of  between 8-12 members. Depending on the project the work may be extended beyond the Senior Exec team where we would also work with people leaders and key influencers across an organisation.


For a speaking engagement we are comfortable in any conference setting with any size audience anywhere in the world.



4. How are you with managing dominant personalities within a team setting?


Our background in high performance sport, both at amateur and professional levels, combined with our work in industry has resulted in significant exposure to big personalities. Some can be hugely positive energies for the team as long as the team and the team objective is their focus. However, the opposite can also be the case where a big personality can overwhelm the group and can have a negative impact on team morale and cohesion through their behaviour and energy.  


We are used to navigating this path and managing dominant personalities in any team setting. Our sole focus is on delivering what we call “true team cohesion”.


5. How do you support CEOs?


We achieve this by being fully attentive to what the CEO is aiming to achieve, be that in their own performance or that of their direct team. We also work separately from the team with the CEO as projects progress to implementation. When we are brought in to work with an Exec team it is important to us that the project is sponsored by the CEO. This ensures that measures of success are held in focus and momentum is consistently fuelled. 


In our experience the sponsorship responsibility can often be delegated to the HRD/COO. This potentially limits the CEO’s involvement and development opportunity on the journey.


Almost all of our projects are activated by the CEO as a deliberate investment in the capability and functioning of the team. Our preference is that no team member is compromised by both owning and participating in the development process, thus CEO sponsorship is our preferred model.  



6. How can I be sure of confidentiality and discretion in relation to sensitive personal and business information?


We have built our reputation on having a dependable character in this regard such that every one of our clients, past and present would attest to. Confidentiality and trust in our relationships are core values at Uppercut. We adhere to GDPR regulations in protecting your data. We are open to committing to a non-disclosure agreement.




7. How do we work?


We follow a clear, structured pathway from first engagement to the successful delivery of the objective(s) with key progress checkpoints and updates along the way.


We understand the nature of competing priorities and changes that impact teams throughout our engagement with a business.


We are adaptive in terms or our approach and focus if we deem it will achieve the desired impact for the team. 

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