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Graham Fagan
Group Director of Technology & Operations, AIB​

First and foremost Gary is a person of the highest integrity, who is driven by a core set of values and has a highly collaborative approach to everything he does. He is not a leader who operates from a text book in an ivory tower, he is the embodiment of what a real thought leader in his field should look like in these fast paced turbulent times in which we live i.e. results focused, short term and long term. It is very clear he has personally experienced success and failure in the domains of business and high performance sport to know what it takes to succeed at the very highest level on a world stage. From the research I have conducted, I have yet to see anybody else bring together the best practices of business and high performance sport in the way Gary achieves it. Just as important, he knows how to translate it into real action that delivers quantifiable business benefits. I have also had the pleasure, on a number of occasions, of observing the impact of Gary’s message first hand on large groupings of business managers and executives. It was simply electrifying. There is no other way to describe it. This rare combination of inspiration and real world experience that he possesses, will be the real catalyst of change for any organisation who is looking to achieve a higher level of business performance and fortunate enough to work directly with Gary.

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