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We believe there is potential for growth in every individual and every organisation, no matter how successful they already are. This is not about sport or business; it is about human performance. It is about you, your team and your organisation. It is about the level of desire you have to be all that you can be.


Gary Keegan 



Gary Keegan formed Uppercut in 2018. His vision was to create a unique advisory service that would transform how individuals and organisations achieved high performance in sport, business and leadership.

Gary has spent most of his career immersed in high performance across a range of competitive business and sporting settings. As former Director of the Irish Institute of Sport and former High Performance Director with the IABA’s High Performance Boxing Programme, Gary was a driving force behind previously unseen success for Irish teams and athletes on European, World and Olympic stages. Today, Gary sits on the IRFU National Professional Games Board and Chairs Cricket Ireland’s High Performance Advisory Group.

Outside of the sporting arena, Gary works with organisations, business leaders and executive teams, helping them to develop the same culture of winning that he has achieved with Olympians, professional sports teams and world champions. Gary also guest lectures on high performance, systems, vision and strategy at the London Business School and at the Irish Management Institute. 

From the boxing ring to the boardroom, Gary’s unique thinking on high performance has inspired a culture of excellence in execution that is at the foundation of what Uppercut do. We continue to support, and to learn from, our valued clients for whom we will always be in their corner.

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