Executing Winning Strategies through Leadership, Systems and Culture


We believe that defining the internal organisational context is hugely important to understanding what is holding an individual, team or organisation back from being more successful. We place our attention on becoming intimate with the context that each of our clients are operating from and competing in. 


From our work and briefings with over 100 leaders we have had the opportunity to hear and discuss many factors influencing performance and organisational growth. The most reoccurring themes in our conversations with leaders are:


  • Leadership (leaders demonstrating a deep understanding and team-ship around the why, the what and the how)

  • Execution (leaders setting out and upholding the principles of execution in their context) 

  • Structure (developing structures that are conducive to collaborative working to drive team and cross team performance) 

  • Culture (addressing the need for adaptive mindset and context driven behaviours under changing circumstances)


Leaders facing into the challenges of driving consistent higher levels of performance and growth for their organisations benefit from answering the following questions or at least beginning the conversation and witnessing the energy and motivation for action it can generate.


1. How is leadership in our business influencing winning?


2. How is the way we develop, socialise and execute strategy giving us a winning approach?


3. How do our structures and systems provide us with a winning set up for our people to perform effectively together while demonstrating an adaptive response to changing circumstances ?


4. How are we ensuring our culture is a product of a shared context, compelling purpose, positive thinking and winning behaviours? 

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