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Bernard Dunne
IABA High Performance Director & Former Super Bantamweight Boxing World Champion
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I have known Gary for the best part of 30 years. From his early days as a coach, it was quite evident that Gary saw and thought about not just sport, but individual and team development in a very different way. He is a strategic thinker and has world class ability to lead and bring people on the journey with him. Having observed him working with teams, I have seen his ability to inspire and develop a culture of excellence. As high performance director of Irish boxing, Gary created a system that achieved consistent world class results. As a personal mentor he has shared some invaluable advice which I am truly grateful for. He has encouraged me to never fear failure and to push the boundaries to achieve maximum performance.  Gary is an excellent communicator who can mix his knowledge of both the world of high performance sport and business to connect teams with performance excellence. As someone who has experienced and succeeded in the tough world of professional sport I can attest to Gary’s capacity and skills to assimilate the unique contexts individuals, teams and organisations are in and use that understanding to affect real and impactful change.

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