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one of the most sought-after speakers for our bluechip client events


Emer O'Connell, Senior Events Manager, Front Row Speakers

Gary Keegan has spent his career immersed in building, leading and supporting high performing teams, individuals and organisations. He has honed his skills while working with world-class leaders, coaches and athletes.


Gary travels the world, speaking about his experiences at public and private conferences and events. The topics he covers include: 

  • Reimagining potential to build a high performance team 

  • The part that leaders play in creating world class teams 

  • Leading from the middle and building trust upwards and downwards 

  • Culture transformation: The challenges and the opportunities 

  • The attitude, behaviours, habits and practices of best in class performers 

Defining a great brief is the key to delivering a great keynote. Below you will find some stimulus based on the topics listed above. This is not a ready-to-go menu. Every individual and organisation face challenges and opportunities in their own unique way. Gary invests time in getting to know you and your organisation as part of the briefing process. His priority is to understand what impact you want from the keynote, who the audience is, what they are currently facing, what your key messages are and how these align with what Gary shares on the day.


//////////////////// Stimulus ////////////////////

Ideas are never in short supply. It's choosing the right one that matters. The following descriptions are intended to act as stimulus to help you select topics and themes that will resonate with your audience.


Reimagining potential to build a high performance team

Is how you see it clear to all, is the vision real? What is the true potential of the team or business? Are you as a leader & leadership team living up to that vision through your own decisions, behaviours and actions? Gary will share his own experiences of reimagining potential as a leader of a high performance team and his observations of other leaders he has coached and worked with that successfully reimagined the potential of their organisations and teams despite adversity, chaos, competition and the efforts to hold momentum on consistency.


The role that leaders play in creating world class teams

It starts with you and ends with you.  You lead through others, through finding great people, retaining great people and facilitating your people to strive and thrive in their roles.  You will do this by ensuring that the levers you control (inspire through effective action, expect, trust, delegate, support and coach) are directed towards removing the organisations’ internal opponent.  Gary will share his own insights, observations and lessons.


Leading from the middle and building trust upwards and downwards

Leading from the middle is largely concerned with the execution of the plan and ensuring the team has what it needs and does what it needs to do to perform at its best. It is not an individual game of championing your own space, its acting and interacting based on whole team (org) success which requires give and take.  It involves investing in the creation of collaborative relationships, having your peers’ back and expecting the same in return. It is about becoming an influencer upwards and gaining advocacy and resources that will deliver team based high performance outputs and individual ownership.


Culture transformation: The challenges and the opportunities

How do you stage the culture conversation to act as a pivot for progressive change towards new levels of ownership for how thinking and beliefs shape behaviours and performance?   How are limiting beliefs, behaviours and standards addressed in a way that encourages people to be curious about their own part and to recognise the potential consequences of failing to act for themselves and the team/org?


The attitude, behaviours, habits & practices of best in class performers

From insights and lessons learned from working with some of our nation’s best sport and business performers, Gary will explore the common greatest strengths and most challenging vulnerabilities unearthing how ordinary men and women achieve extraordinary things. Here you will see yourself, potentially have your strengths reinforced or your vulnerabilities highlighted.  Either way, you choose. Do you want to come away inspired, live some of the principles of champions or to hold on to your fears and potentially limit your own progression?

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