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Gillian French
Former Chief People Officer, CarTrawler
2007- 2018

I have worked with Gary on numerous projects, ranging from high performance talks to leadership workshops and mentorship programs. His role as a world-class facilitator in high performance and leadership development is unique in its manifestation, due in no small part to the content of Gary’s personal demeanour. A measured pace and calming disposition aptly describes Gary’s commendable character, while his unyielding sense of determination in his area of expertise is a testament to the duty and passion he harbours towards the field of leadership. I believe many who know Gary personally will agree with me when I say that his skills as a motivator, mentor and orator are wholly unique. Where his true greatness lies however is the way in which he distils his knowledge down, compartmentalises the information and succeeds in gifting these lessons to all whom he meets. His diligence is exceptional and his passion inimitable. I have no doubt that his skills and qualities have enlightened many others and that he will continue to exemplify these admirable attributes in all of his future endeavours.

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