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Justin McNulty
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Ultimate authority on high performance, innovator, strategist, positive team and company culture change & championing, rock solid, values driven coach, leadership expert, winner.....are all phrases, words and descriptors that jump into my mind when I think about Gary Keegan. I met Gary at a high performance conference about 10 years ago and since that time, he has been a huge inspiration and source of wisdom and guidance relating to every aspect of team performance and development. Gary’s knowledge of high performance systems and how to develop a strong and positively competitive team culture are second to none. In any team crisis situation, if you’re seeking direction or a route for resolution Gary is the man. His generosity knows no bounds in sharing his time and knowledge. Above all, what most impresses me about Gary is his ability to quickly assess and understand the team or performance scenario that is proving to be a stumbling block or derailer. He then promptly provides a route map and strategically guides you on how to overcome any obstacle, or on ways to recover from any setback, with thoroughly thought through steers on potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. With Gary’s driven but likeable personality, with his knowledge, his expertise and his experience relating to every aspect of team performance, leadership and culture, I know the massive measureable impact he would make on companies of every scale and at every stage of their lifecycle would be phenomenally positive. 

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