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Rory Fitzpatrick
Olympic Coach at
Irish Sailing Association 
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Dublin Senior Football Manager (2012- 2019)

Gary Keegan is a genuine leader in the rarest sense of the word. He is not just an outstanding thinker but also a truly exceptional person that I have had the fortune of guidance from within the PEP Program in the Irish Institute of Sport to Olympic preparations on site in Rio de Janiero. Gary sees peoples potential and leads them beyond where they may not have believed was within their capability. When assessing he can understand complexity remarkably quickly and views an objective or problem beyond a person's normal dimensions. He articulates the parts to bring clarity, direction and benefit. When operating he relishes these processes and the natural passion and leadership of his personality compels people to their best so the benefit is multiplied. He has an exceptional understanding capability through the various layers of any problem or plan, from the vision and strategy right through to the people and the detail. Gary's integrity is applied and stalwart, his character consistently inspires and he is a true master in high performance.

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Images courtesy of Sportsfile

Annalise Murphy of Ireland celebrates her silver medal win in the Women's Laser Radial Race at the Rio Olympics in 2016.
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